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■Trade Name

MY SCIENCES Company Limited.



June 2, 1984





■Area of Business

Cryogenic equipments and containers for Biotechnology and Material Science fields.
General scientific equipments for Industrial and research use.
Scientific reagents, chemicals and instruments for industrial and research use.
General Sales License for toxic and dangerous reagents(#1132-24)


■Board of Directors

President Representative Director Mr.Seiji Kita

Director Mr.Takuro Kamimura

Auditor Mr.Masahiro Kita



Resona Bank Hongo Branch / Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Hongo Branch

■Head Office

2-12-10,Hongo,Bunkyo-ku、Tokyo 113-0033,Japan 

TEL. 81-(0)3-3818-4866/FAX. 81-(0)3-3818-4909


■Osaka Branch Office

EPO Shin-Osaka Bldg.11F 3-8-15,Nishi-Nakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka、532-0011,Japan
TEL. 81-(0)6-6301-7552/ FAX. 81-(0)6-6301-7526



June 1984 Established by Mr.Maikawa with the Capital of ¥20,000,000.
and started Import and sales of scientific reserch equipments and instruments.

October 1993 Got an Import License for medical equipments to preparing
for medical use of cryogenic containers.

October 1994 Opened Osaka branch office.

July 1995 Moved head office to present address.

August 1999 Imported a new arrayer for DNA chips developed by Dr.P.Brown,Stanford Univ.

September 2000 Started to sell Cryo-physics propducts made by Air Liquide/DTA.

July 2002 Got a budget to develop a new small carrying containers from a governmental institute.( for Bone marrow/Cord blood banks)

March 2004 started to sell dilution Refrigerator systems made by Leiden Cryogenics B.V.

July 2009 Started to sell Cryostats made by Janis Research Company Inc.


■Main Handling Products

(U.S.A.)Janis Research Company,Ltd.
Products for Liquid Helium /Liquid Nitrogen Cryostats and Cryogenic Equipment.

(U.S.A.)MAI /Genesis
Instruments for Artificial insemination and embryo transter.

(U.S.A.)Shur-Bend Manufacturing Co.
Instruments for Cryogenic Storage

(U.S.A.)TEMPSHIELD Incorporated.
Personal Protective Products for Low and High temperature

(U.S.A.)Service For Science and Industry Inc.
Scientific equipments

(U.S.A.)WHEATON Science Products
Scientific equipments and glasswares


(U.S.A.)Chart Industlies, Inc./MVE

Biological Storage Containers & LHe containers

(U.K.)Day-Impex Limited

(U.K.)Bibby/Sterilin Limited
Scientific Equipment

(Germany)Zinsser Analytic GmbH.
Scientific Equipment and Plastic wares

(Germany) Supracon GmbH
SQUID System & Plastic Dewar

(France)Air Liquide/DMC
Biological Storage Containers & LHe Dewar

(France)Air Liquide/DTA
Dilution refrigerator System

(France)Cryo Bio System/IMV
Instruments for Aietificial insemination and embryo transfer and Freezer

(The Netherlands)Leiden Cryogenics B.V.
Dilution Refrigerators System

(Austria)SY-LAB GmbH
Programmable freezer



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